maja 04Hi, my name is Maja Mesić, I am the CEO and owner of Boya d.o.o.

I was born in Zagreb where I still live and work. I have always been keen on fine  arts and design, and therefore, my educational path was very clear. After finishing Secondary School for Applied Arts and Design, I enrolled in and graduated from the School of Design at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb specializing in industrial and product design during which my work was showcased at numerous exhibitions. I have always been interested in exploring and questioning existing objects, habits, forms and functions in order to achieve better results.

The idea for Boya was primarily created for one of the Croatian design contests, but it never reached the post office…now I am glad! However, the contest theme tickled my imagination and, instead of creating what was asked (technical pencil or ink pencil), I decided to create what was necessary – a drawing tool! The realization started after Boya received the Red Dot award 2008 in concept category. As an inventor and creative entrepreneur, I enhanced my vision of Boya and decided to skip into product category. After a lot of invested time, energy, knowledge, money, technical preparations, etc. I finally have the finished product that I’m very proud of. Boya crayons are produced in Zagreb, Croatia, and their substance is unlike any other pastel. Great balance between the wax and soft pastel provides for both soft lines and transparent colour mixing, and what is important for children, it does not leave traces on hands while drawing. Boya was created for all creative thinkers out there…hope you will enjoy them!

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